The Weirdest Things Flushed Down The Toilet

The Weirdest Things Flushed Down The Toilet Posted on: July 10, 2015 We always encourage our customers to flush only human waste and toilet paper down the toilet, but occasionally some (odd) objects happen to end up down the hole…and that's why we're here!

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11/11/2015  · My dad decided to flush him down the toilet. Fast forward a few days and the toilet won’t flush. We had to call a plumber – the snake had gotten caught in a giant ball of hair and stuff that had been collecting for years -finally causing a serious clog.

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31 oct 2016 … A squirrel — not your average everyday 'flushed down the loo' item. … Larry said: “Hands down, the strangest thing I ever found in a toilet was a …

Отмена. Месяц бесплатно. 5 Funniest things Flushed Down the Toilet. Toilet Flushing Demo: American Standard's Boulevard Right Height Elongated Toilet – Продолжительность: 2:45 American standard 25 785 просмотров.

When Chamindu Amarsinghe discovered $93,000 in both the trash bins and flushed down the pipes of an Australian toilet in 2011, he did the right thing and …

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As a plumber, what was the weirdest thing you found was clogging ….. Then her granddaughter flushed her doll down the toilet and stuffed it up.

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23 Sep 2019 … An english tyke accidentally flushed his one-week-old cocker spaniel puppy down the toilet in 2009. After firefighters failed to reach the pup, …

Weirdest things ever flushed down the toilet. Some strange items survive the long journey through the sewers and into our treatment plants. But some of the best "lost and found" stories are …

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Live ammunition, undergarments, diamond rings… and puppies? You’ll never believe what some people flush down the toilet.

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We’ve found a list of the weirdest things ever flushed down a toilet–you’ll definitely be surprised. If you have any questions at all about what is and is not flushable, use this as a reference.

Will it Flush? - COLLECTION (Part 2)24 Jan 2017 … When you accidentally flush something down the toilet (your phone, your ex's number, a doughnut you weren't finished eating), where does it …

People have flushed quite some items down the toilet when they were kids and adults. Find out how these 11 things ended up down the toilet.

But in the spirit of entertaining you, here are the weirdest things plumbers have found flushed down the toilet. 6 of the Craziest Things Plumber Found Flushed Down The Toilet 1.