Open Door Shit

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What was amazing to me though, was the fact that unlike most Historic Houses, this one is completely open all the time. Not only do you not see roped off rooms, or signs saying “Don’t Touch”, you get to come and go through that front door whenever you like.

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Jul 28, 2015 … ONLY open this post if you've taken a shit. … Tried to Open the Door" Face: When you're taking a shit and someone tries to open the door.

Captain Bearshark can open doors now, one step closer to taking over the world.

Apr 4, 2016 … A shit taken with the door open. This is done generally with close people (family, girlfriend/wife, roommates) with the intention of grossing them …

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The act of taking a shit with the bathroom door open, performed by a female. "bro where's Sarah? " "Oh she's just taking an open-door Lassie".

Open Door Policy Lyrics: The world is dying / Shit is getting serious / Everybody’s lying / It’s impossible to tell the truth / It’s worry, worry / Worry, worry / Worry, worry / Worry, worry / All …

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Open Doors Lyrics: Verse 1 / Me and my homies still kicking on some old shit / Just got older so now we on our grown shit / I gained knowledge from mistakes and experience / And realized I gotta

The other night, Joey was taking a dump over my house and we gave him an open door dilemma. It was hilarious because he was mid-shit and came after us …

I could lock the bathroom door, but that illogical fear of someone jumping from the couch out the … marta gives her messapy to someone whose boyfriend poops with the door open, smells the dirty…

Apr 5, 2017 … awards guide: award #1: Thinking (and shitting) inside the box. play; pull door; remove pants; enter toilet; shit …

Jul 29, 2015 … A place to post the most midly infuriating things! . order corn.

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