Installing An Outside Tap

Simple step by step DIY instructions. How to attach the tap to the wall and how to make all the plumbing connections for a useful garden water supply for washing your car, watering your plants and lots of other uses.

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Installing an outside tap on your property is a really useful project for a number of reasons, the most popular reasons include making it easier to wash your car or water the lawn. This is a project that is possible on a DIY basis if you have the right skills, experience and tools. However, if you don't want to…

13/06/2013  · This video is all about how to fit an outdoor garden tap or faucet. From siting the tap and drilling the hole through your wall to piping it up using copper pipe and installing valves and non …

Make sure your outside tap has a double check valve. If you would like to purchase an outside tap with a double check valve, you can get one from Amazon here.. Using an Outside Tap Kit. The simplest way of installing or fitting an outside tap or garden tap is to use a full kit.

HOW TO FIT AN OUTSIDE TAP - Plumbing TipsFitting an outside tap or garden tap can seem like a tricky job but with a little knowledge it's actually quite straight forward using our easy to follow project guide.

How to install an outside tap Access to an outside tap can make it much easier to water your garden, wash a car or fill a paddling pool. We look at what you need to know about getting one installed.

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Installing the pipework etc for an outside tap is as follows: Decide on the position for the tap outside the house – ideally it needs to be near the internal cold water mains supply to reduce the plumbing required.

Regulations require a double check valve when fitting an outside tap. Which Pipe do I Connect the Outside Tap to? When fitting an outside tap, most are joined to the domestic cold water under the sink, where hopefully, there is enough room to work.

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Installing an outside tap, however, is usually a simple task for plumbers. Many homeowners may also find this job to be easy enough to do on their own. An outside tap needs to be connected to a domestic cold-water line, which is easily connected under a sink.

If dragging hoses around is a constant activity in your yard, install a remote … To get the best flow rate at the garden, tap into an interior 3/4-in. cold water line.

Fitting an outside tap to most houses is usually straight forward, the biggest part of the job is probably drilling the hole through the external wall for the pipe.