Indirect Waste Open Site Drain Floor Sink

We’ve mentioned indirect waste piping, open site drains, and floor sinks in quite a few of our articles. However, never once have they received a detailed explanation of what they are.

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A floor drain is a plumbing fixture that is installed in the floor of a structure, mainly designed to … A floor sink is a type of floor drain primarily used as an indirect waste receptor. … This page was last edited on 5 May 2019, at 11:30 (UTC). Text is …

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Indirect Waste Receptors (Floor Sinks) Indirect waste pipe is defined as a pipe that does not connect directly to the waste system but conveys liquid waste by discharging into a plumbing fixture (indirect waste receptor, floor sink, or

We've mentioned indirect waste piping, open site drains, and floor sinks in quite a few of our articles. However, never once have they received a detailed.

Page 1 … charge to the drainage system through an indirect waste pipe by means of an air gap in … backwater valve, such floor drains shall be indirectly.

The sink must have at least one compartment and either an integral stainless steel drain-board or be part of an integral stainless steel worktable. · Food preparation sinks are not to be used for hand washing, utensil washing, the disposal of mop water or other wastes, or any other unapproved purpose.

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sani-ceptor sanitary acid Resistant Coated Sanitary Floor & Indirect Waste Drains with Medium Receptor and Square Nickel Bronze Top.

9740 – indirect waste receptors. Used in areas where an indirect waste receptor is required and not subject to foot or other traffic.

Opening the lower floor is difficult and expensive due to being thick enough to contain the lower floor forced air heating ducts. I don't expect putting a pipe to the Option number two would let you pipe the drain to a few inches over the floor drain and terminate it there. This would be a indirect waste.

Sanitary floor sinks are used to receive surface drainage in areas where sanitation is a priority, such as institutional kitchens and hospitals and to drain indirect waste from various sinks, lavatories, condensate drains and other equipment. In order to specify the correct drain, the specifier must be aware of the floor sink’s location and the type of equipment in the area to be served …

Open drains are not a satisfactory technology for transporting sewage, even when the solids have been removed in some form of septic/interceptor tank (even sullage is likely to carry fecal contamination from laundry wastes Further Research. An Indirect Waste, Open Site Drain, and the Floor Sink.

indirect waste connection. Open site or drip drains are primarily for condensate producing equipment and other mechanical equipment where a direct connection is not desired or permitted. The funnels are available in a round design for a single pipe waste and in oblong sizes for multi-pipe waste lines. mifab typical Floor Drain Installations F1100-EG SEEPAGE openings oblong funnel SHOWN FOR …

Purpose of Floor Sinks and How To Protect ThemWhere a floor drain is located within an area subject to freezing, the waste line … valve, such floor drains shall be indirectly connected to the sanitary drainage … shall be not less than twice the effective opening of the indirect waste pipe.

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Floor sink as waste receptor. This illustration shows a food prep sink with an indirect drain equipped with a code compliant air gap (2X diameter of waste pipe) into a waste receptor, in this case, a floor sink. 9 2 x D Waste Receptor . Ice Maker Drains The ice in the bin is either considered potable water or food therefore requires an air gap. Refrigeration Equip The condensation drain coming …

When piping indirect waste lines to either an open site drain or a floor sink, an air gap is required to again provide positive separation from the directly connected drainage inlet. Hopefully, this article helped you to understand the functions of some crucial elements in the plumbing world.

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