How To Replace A Kitchen Sink Basket Strainer

Mar 29, 2019 … How to Replace a Sink Basket Strainer. A sink basket strainer is simple enough for anyone to understand. This mesh basket catches solid …

Learn how to remove an old, corroded kitchen sink strainer and replace it with a new one with only pliers and plumber's putty. A leak under the kitchen sink could indicate that you need to replace the sink strainer.

Quick and easy fix for a leaky kitchen sink basket strainer. Replace the basket strainer yourself in just an hour and save the cost of a visit from the plumber.

Place the sink strainer with the plumber’s putty attached into the drainage hole in the sink and press down hard. If possible, have a second set of hands hold the sink strainer in place with two screwdrivers as you hand-tighten up the metal nut to hold the sink strainer in place underneath the sink.

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How to Replace A Kitchen Sink StrainerMar 29, 2019 … Luckily, with the right tools and some elbow grease, you can remove all but the most stubborn rusted-on sink drains yourself — and even install …

Replace a leaky kitchen sink strainer Test for the kitchen sink drain leak. Family Handyman. Fill up the sink with water and touch a facial tissue between the bottom of the kitchen sink drain and the sink. If the tissue picks up any water, you've got a leaky basket strainer and it's time to learn how to remove a sink drain.

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How to replace basket strainer, kitchen sink drain. How to Stop a Kitchen Sink From Leaking Where the Basket Is Installed : Home Sweet Home Repair – Продолжительность: 2:22 ehowathomechannel 95 068 просмотров.

Quick and easy fix for a leaky kitchen sink drain. replace the basket strainer yourself in just an hour and save the cost of a visit from the plum.

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