How To Measure Toilet Rough In

A toilet rough in is one of the easiest things to get wrong when buying a toilet. Where do you measure from? Whether you're remodeling your bathroom or wanting to update your toilet, it's important to get the right measurements when roughing in your toilet waste and water.

Apr 22, 2017 … It's important to know that this measurement is for standard toilets with a 12″ rough-in. … 12 inches is the most common toilet rough-in size.

When talking toilets, the toilet rough in is the distance from the wall behind the toilet to the center of the outlet pipe where the waste leaves the toilet. Before replacing a toilet, measure the distance from the wall–NOT the molding–to the bolt caps, as in this picture.

A toilet rough in is one of the easiest things to get wrong when buying a toilet. Where do you measure from? What does it mean? Look no further we've got it.

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Just remember that you have to get a toilet built for a shorter rough-in than your actual measurement or otherwise it will not fit. And so, if your tape measure will read 12 and a half inches, you will have to get the 12-inch toilet. With that in mind, in theory, you could even get a 10-inch toilet in the above situation.

A simple guide to measuring your toilet rough in, as explained by Josh, a Home Help Specialist at (formerly National Builder Supply). For more…

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How To Measure a Toilet / What Size Toilet Should I Buy?The Bottom Line. Determining the rough-in distance of your toilet should be the first step when you are installing a new toilet. If you will follow the above guidelines carefully, your work will always be easy when installing a new toilet.

Feb 25, 2013 … This is the absolute most important measurement to have in hand. To find out your toilet's rough-in, measure from the wall behind the toilet to …

Tip on how to measure the toilet rough in distance. Another important toilet measurement is the distance from the wall to the bolts that hold the toilet to the floor. Measure from the wall to the center of the bolt caps. If there is a baseboard or a shoe molding, add the thickness of these to the measurement. This is the rough-in measurement.

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What Is A “Toilet Rough In” So, what is the “toilet rough in”. The term isn’t exactly self-explanatory so it does take some understanding of toilets and plumbing. The rough in is a measurement that you need to ensure that your toilet fits snugly against the wall.

How to measure a toilets rough in. So you’re looking to replace or upgrade your old toilet, but you’re unsure which measurement you should be shopping for?