How To Make Sure Your Drinking Water Is Safe

24 Oct 2018 … According the EPA, 10-20% of Americans' exposure to lead comes from contaminated water. Is your family at risk? Find out here.

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Access to safe and affordable water is considered one of our basic human rights. In the U.S. we are fortunate that the vast majority of us don't have to When the safe drinking water act was passed in 1974 it mandated that all water companies make this information available to residents every year.

How To Make Sure Your Drinking Water Is Safe After what happened in Flint, it pays to be informed about safe drinking water. Make It Better 2017-04-03

3 Apr 2017 … But how can you be sure your tap water is safe? It's a fair question in the aftermath of the Flint, Michigan water crisis and recent test results …

7 May 2019 … Here are some signs that your tap water might not be safe to drink. … Hard water isn't a sure-fire sign that your water source is contaminated …

When is water safe to drink? - Mia NacamulliWe are aware that there are so many water born diseases, so we have to make sure our drinking water is safe. I think you missed one point to say that how you purify your water. Do you get pure water at home? I don't know about your water distribution system.

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