Heating Comes On When Hot Water Only On

29/5/2020  · The valve is getting voltage on the brown as it is opening and you are getting hot water. If it wasn't the valves default position is closed, under spring pressure, and you would not get hot water . So I suspect the micro switch is not being made / or is goosed.

2/11/2012  · As soon as the water in the hot water cylinder has reached the required temperature and the boiler switches off the central heating stops (because the pump stops running). In simple terms the CH pump only runs when the boiler is firing to produce hot water for the main hot water tank.

13/10/2013  · For the last 3 days, the radiators have heated up when the hot water program is ON and the heating is OFF. When the heating and hot water are both, the radiators continue to get hot whilst the hot cylinder is calling for heat. Turning down the room stat makes no difference.

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If the heating comes on when the hot water is turned on it is likely to be one of the following causes: S Plan System. Whilst the heating valve may be opening it is not making the internal microswitch which should bring on the pump and boiler. The valve itself is actually opening, but the boiler is not fired up.

16/12/2012  · Thevalve itself is actually opening hence the heating system is getting hot when the hot water is on but the boiler is only fired up when the hot water motorised valve is open, the boiler should fire up if either valve is open. Hope this helps-Kevin. 2012-12-16T23:40:02+00:00.

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15/9/2019  · If yourcentral heating comes on with the hot waterThe valve is not sealing off thecentral heating port correctly. hot water flows through your radiators when it should flow through the cylinder coil instead. If your radiators are always on but you have no hot water

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