Boiler Losing Pressure When Heating Off

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3/9/2019  · I have a Baxi duo-tec 40 combination boiler installed in June 16. It loses pressure every night. We top up the pressure to 1.5 bar in the morning and the heating runs fine without a loss of pressure until the heating goes off late in the evening. 1 hour later the pressure has dropped below 1 bar and in 2 hours it is 0 bar.

Boiler losing pressure when heating off. Our boiler is constantly losing pressure (ie. dropping below 1 bar, often to zero), but only usually when the heating is turned OFF. The pressure relief valve outside is wet/dripping (although I don’t know if it only drips when the heating is off, or whether it’s dripping all the time).

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4/6/2021  · Boiler Keeps Losing Pressure When the Heating Is On When you switch on your heating, pipes, fittings, and radiators expand, and boiler pressure increases. So, a heating system might not leak when it’s off, but may start to do so when you switch it on.

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14/10/2020  · Reasons Why Your Boiler Is Losing Pressure 1) Leaks Majority of the time, pressure loss is due to a leak in the boiler itself or somewhere in the heating system. Unless the dial sits at 0 even when topped up (which could indicate a faulty pressure gauge), it’s

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7/1/2021  · Losing pressure is one of the most common problems that can arise with your boiler. It is also something you are often told you can fix yourself. This is true sometimes but not always. In this guide, we explain the most common reasons why your boiler might be losing pressure, when there is a safe […]